Here are a few samples of my recent work as a professional content marketing writer and brand journalist. Due to non-disclosure agreements, registration walls and other confidentiality concerns, I am not at liberty to post all of my work, including some of the most downloaded white papers my clients have ever seen. Please contact me for samples of white papers, case studies and ghost-written corporate projects.

Content Marketing Projects

Augmented Reality Reshapes Field Service

Posts for Samsung Transportation Vertical

Passengers Prefer Self Service Kiosks and Air Travel Technology Options

Mobile Devices Unleash the Power of Big Data in Logistics

IOT Logistics are Transforming the Trucking Industry

Ohio Shoelace Factory Brings Manufacturing Back

IOT Slashes Downtime with Predictive Maintenance

Internet of Things Faces Security Hurdles

Leaving land to follow a dream

Content Marketing Writing syndicated on Forbes.com BrandVoice

Subscription Models Appearing in New and Unlikely Industries

Why ‘Made In The USA’ Is Making A Comeback

Will Your House Be Smarter Than You?

Next To Hit The Roads: 3D Printed Cars



New standards for green living

Demand for Robotics Engineers Grows

Magazine/Newspaper clips. These links will open as PDFs

Optimum Dental Extracts Transportation Cost Savings – Inbound Logistics

Travel/Luxury Lifestyles-Las Vegas

Autos-Luxury Lifestyle-Ferrari

Political issues

Association Magazine-Human Resources

Shelter/Green Building Website

Automotive-Custom Publishing

Shelter-Green BuildingTrade

Magazine-Professional Mariner

Business Magazine

Also, see my writing portfolios on these platforms:




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