About Me

I create memorable writing for magazines, websites, blogs, social media, corporate clients, custom publishers and marketing materials. Call me a writer. Call me a wordsmith. What I do is get the point across.

In my career, I’ve written effective content for some of the world’s biggest publishers and brands on the following subjects:

Automobiles, high performance home building products, transportation & logistics, Internet of Things business transformation, self-service technology, mobile payments, PCI compliance, retailing, retail design, specialty retailing, auto and truck aftermarket parts, healthcare, luxury travel, and luxury consumer goods among many others.

This content has taken the form of feature articles, news articles, ghost-written articles for executives, white papers, press releases, website content, custom publishing, brand journalism,  content marketing and trade magazines.

One common thread I hear from my clients is that I listen well and capture their voice. Some writers approach every project the same way, through their own lens. Some of those writers make a sucessful career out of that. But I take a different approach. My writing is devoid of ego — I can write in a brand’s voice, or with the authority and cadence of a senior executive. It won’t sound like me. It will sound like you, or your brand.

To me, writing as a craft is a series of small decisions. What word goes first? Then what goes second? And so on. That’s what I do, I make those thousands of teeny decisions that result in a finely crafted tool for communication. My yardstick for success is whether what I write satisfies and exceeds the expectations of the client.

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